Well, almost "All" New! Throughout October, we've been working in the background to refresh and enhance the Group's web presence with a range of new features.

Updated Logo

We've updated our logo to have a crisper and more contemporary look.  You'll see this revised branding throughout the site and in any new SJTAG documents.

Mobile device support

One of the new features is that both the main website and forums are "responsive" and will automatically adapt to give the most appropriate view to suit the device you're using, so accessing the site using a smartphone or tablet will no longer require lots of scrolling to read the entire text of a page (there are a few exceptions though).

While the main site now dynamically rescales and adjusts the layout to suit the size of browser window, the forums switch to a more mobile friendly and less bandwith hungry layout if a mobile browser is detected (works with most popular mobile browsers).

Mobile Forum Style

Better site navigation

It should be a lot easier to find what you're looking for on the main site as everything is accessible through menus and new or important articles will be highlighted in the sidebar menus. A particular improvement here is that in the past an article could become "lost" once it dropped off our home page: You'll now be able to check the News page> to get an index of all the "transient" articles, no matter how old they are.

Website Navigation

On the forums, you'll find that the "breadcrumb trail" (which shows which forum and thread you're in) now offers dropdown lists of quick jump destinations. You'll also find it easier to locate the links to the other parts of the website, such as our wiki.

Forum NavigationSite Links

These changes are intended offer you a better user experience, but at the same time they help us to manage and maintain the website more easily, letting us concentrate more on SJTAG and less on the running the website!