During 2019, members of the P2654 group have contributed papers and presentations for a number of technical conferences. Some of these presentations are now available for you to view or download.

AutoTestCon 2019 (National Harbor, MaryLand):

International Test Conference 2019 (Washington, DC):

You are free to share these presentations but please credit sjtag.org or the P2654 Working Group.

The election for the working group officers was conducted during February and March, administered by Brian Erickson and assisted by Rakesh Kumar and Louis Ungar as auditors.

Following the conclusion of the voting period, Brian announced on March 23 that the duly elected officers are:

  • Chair - Ian McIntosh
  • Vice-chair - Terry Duepner
  • Secretary - Carl Walker
  • Editor - Eric Cormack

Ian, on behalf of the group, would like to thank the elections officers for conducting the elections and Heiko Ehrenberg for his service as interim vice-chair of the group.

The officers will nominally serve through to the end of 2020.

This is a call for participation in the "System Test Access Management" (STAM) Working Group (associated as the first part of 'SJTAG').

Following approval of the PAR for a "Standard for System Test Access Management (STAM) to Enable Use of Sub-System Test Capabilities at Higher Architectural Levels" the project has been assigned the designation "P2654" and we are now in the process of forming the Working Group.  Anyone interested in joining this effort, either as an active participant or simply as an observer is invited to either:

As we begin to move forward with the P2654 Working Group, our email reflector has been updated today to remove former study group members that either indicated that they no longer wished to be part of the activity or failed to respond to requests to confirm their continued participation (either as an active member or an observer).

Anyone who did any of the following will have been retained on the mailing list and should receive the WebEx meeting invite for the 2019 meeting series:

  • Supplied the chair with an email affirming their intent to participate/observe, or
  • Joined the C/TT/STAM Working Group committee in IEEE-SA myProject™, or
  • Attended the first Working Group meeting on December 10, 2018.

If you think you are no longer receiving group emails or WebEx invites and may have been removed from membership in error, then please Contact Us and we'll get you added back in.

The PAR (Project Authorization Request) for the proposed System Test Access Management standard was reviewed by the IEEE-SA New Standards Committee (NesCom) at their October 2018 meeting, resulting in approval of the PAR.  The project has been designated "P2654" and the PAR is approved through to the end of December 2022.

We are now in the process of forming the Working Group and a call for new members will be issued shortly. In the meantime, interested parties can add "C/TT/STAM" and "C/TT/STAM/P2654" to their interests in IEEE myProject or can contact the officers via our Contact Us page to join the Working Group. 

An initial kick-off meeting for the new Working Group is planned for Monday, December 10, at 11 AM EST via WebEx. Joining details will be provided to those expressing interest.


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