Minutes of Weekly Meeting, 2016-12-14

Meeting called to order: 11:05 AM EST

1. Roll Call

Ian McIntosh
Carl Walker
Eric Cormack
Brad Van Treuren
Brian Erickson
Peter Horwood
Bill Eklow (joined 11:09)

By Proxy:

Heiko Ehrenberg

2. Review and approve previous minutes:

3. Review old action items

4. Reminders

5. Discussion Topics

b. PAR text feedback
- Newsletter/LinkedIn post

a. Enumerate our requirements
- What are we trying to implement?
- Review previous Key Takeaways for relevant ideas - continue from row 72

6. Topic for next meeting

7. Key Takeaway for today's meeting

8. Glossary terms from this meeting

9. Schedule next meeting

10. Any other business

11. Review new action items

12. Adjourn

Respectfully submitted,
Ian McIntosh