A brief note on the distinction between SJTAG White and Green Papers.

White Papers

Most people will be familiar with the idea of a "White Paper":  This term is commonly used to describe a document that forms part of the policy of a business or government body; perhaps a statement of intent or a roadmap for future activities.  A SJTAG White Paper is directly comparable and reflects that the work represents the agreed position of the SJTAG group as a whole and may be considered "official policy".

Green Papers

"Green Paper" is likely to be a less familiar term although it is in parliamentary use in some jurisdictions and is also used by some businesses.  A SJTAG Green Paper still carries the weight of being an official work of the SJTAG group but it is a document presented for discussion and debate and is not a statement of policy.  A Green Paper may result in, or contribute to, a subsequent White Paper.