SJTAG User Survey 2009

The following pages present the results of the survey conducted at the end of 2009. These are presented in the same order as in the survey itself. If you took part and retained a record of your submissions you may find it interesting to see how your opinions compared with those of other contributors.

SJTAG User Survey 2009

Welcome to the SJTAG User Survey for 2009. Some of you will have taken part in our brief survey in 2008. We now wish to expand our understanding of the way professionals within the electronics industry are currently employing JTAG, the issues surrounding the adoption of JTAG at system level (SJTAG) and how an SJTAG standard might best benefit our industry.

Resignation of Brad Van Treuren

During October, restructuring within Alcatel-Lucent left Brad in a position where he no longer had the time and resources necessary to carry out the role of SJTAG chair effectively. Reluctantly, Brad felt that in the interests of the group he should make way for new leadership.

New regular meeting times for 2009

Trying to arrange a conference call where the participants are in a range of time zones is always a hard task, and is a problem that SJTAG has faced, with members in North America, Europe and Asia. Additionally, business and personal schedules influence the availability of individuals through the course of the day and week. Through 2008 we ran a schedule that was possibly a little "early" for most of North America, and cycled between Monday and Wednesday meetings.

Results from the July/August 2008 Survey

Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out an return our survey form. Your input is genuinely appreciated!

We have produced some simple charts to illustrate some of the data we obtained from your submissions, and these are presented below. However, some of the best feedback was contained in the text comments some people supplied, but there's no easy way to represent that here, unfortunately.


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