Revalidation of Newsletter Subscribers

We have been producing our newsletters for almost five years and in that time it's almost inevitable that some of our readers will have moved on to other things, so it's maybe about time that we cleaned up our mailing list to ensure that we're only sending this to people that still want to receive it.


Our system automatically tracks "bounced" emails and will remove subscribers from the mailing list if a set number of consecutive messages are rejected. However that does not account for newsletters that are received but never read or are simply dropped by the receiving mail server.

We need people to actively assert that they want to continue to get the SJTAG newsletter, so we will shortly be sending you an email with a link that you'll need to follow to either accept or decline your participation. Any accounts that decline or are not validated within one month will be removed from our system.

So remember: As soon as you receive the notification email, please take action to revalidate your subscription to continue to receive the SJTAG Newsletter.

How we will revalidate subscriptions

Shortly after the Q2 2013 newsletter is distributed we will set all current subscriber accounts to "unvalidated" and then request that the mailing system sends out fresh validation confirmation requests.

Your email will include a link that you need to follow to revalidate your subscription. We will allow four weeks for revalidation.

After that time we will tell the mailing system to remove all unvalidated email addresses.