SJTAG User Survey 2009

Welcome to the SJTAG User Survey for 2009. Some of you will have taken part in our brief survey in 2008. We now wish to expand our understanding of the way professionals within the electronics industry are currently employing JTAG, the issues surrounding the adoption of JTAG at system level (SJTAG) and how an SJTAG standard might best benefit our industry.


The survey consists of a single form containing 79 questions, organised into 10 blocks. We do not necessarily expect you to answer all the questions - we are surveying a wide range of people and some questions may be more budgetary or more technical than you feel comfortable with answering, so it is OK to skip those questions. There are some basic questions that we expect everyone to be able to answer - these are marked *.

We would ask that you allow at least 20 minutes for the survey. Depending on how many questions you decide to answer, this may be longer. You may wish to preview the survey first before deciding when you can set aside the appropriate time. Follow the link at the foot of this page to see the form, then return here (use the link in your invitation e-mail) when you are ready to take the survey.

The survey will remain open until 10PM GMT on 24th December, 2009.

A brief note on the use of the terms "JTAG", "Boundary Scan", "IEEE 1149.1", etc.: For some people, these terms can be used interchangeably, while for others, each has a subtly different meaning. Within this survey, the following terms are used:

  • IEEE Std 1149.1 is used when referring to something described by the standard.
  • SJTAG is used when referring to the System JTAG Initiative or the system-level application of the IEEE Std 1149.1 interface and other derived standards and related operations.
  • JTAG is used when referring to the application of IEEE Std 1149.1 and other derived standards at board and device level

Note that no distinction is made between testing, programming, emulation, etc., by the use of any of these terms; all legitimate activities are encompassed by each.

You may also wish to review the material at the following links prior to taking the survey. This is not essential, but may make it easier to decide how to respond to some questions.

The SJTAG Working Group thanks you for taking the time to complete this survey.

Sorry, The Survey is now Closed