New regular meeting times for 2009

Trying to arrange a conference call where the participants are in a range of time zones is always a hard task, and is a problem that SJTAG has faced, with members in North America, Europe and Asia. Additionally, business and personal schedules influence the availability of individuals through the course of the day and week. Through 2008 we ran a schedule that was possibly a little "early" for most of North America, and cycled between Monday and Wednesday meetings.


With the coming of the new calendar year, the SJTAG Group re-assessed our meeting schedule to better mesh with the needs of the current active and potential future membership. The conclusion of that review process was a decision to hold all meetings on Mondays at 10:30am Eastern time (3:30pm GMT).

By standardising the day of the week, we hope that this will make it easier for members to organize their calendars in advance; the later time should make SJTAG Conference Calls more accessible to more of North America.

Inevitably, occasions will arise where it may be necessary to defer a meeting or move to a different date, for example due to public holidays or conflicts with major conferences, so it is still important to confirm meeting dates by checking the schedule on this website.